Jib Arm Joints in Sutton Leach

Hire jib arm hoists in Sutton Leach from C and E Structures for your sporting events, gigs and outside broadcasts.

Jib arm hoists in Sutton Leach provide a safe solution for lifting equipment, scaffolding and stage sets at your music gig. When you’re setting up the stage and spectator areas you have to work fast while paying careful attention to the safety, not only of your production team, but of the performers and the audience. Our experienced team members have worked in all the major venues in Sutton Leach so they’re familiar with the particular ground problems and logistics for getting the jib arm hoists in Sutton Leach installed quickly and securely. Call us today, or send an email with details of your event, and we’ll get to work with you to construct a safe, secure venue for your music gig.

Specialist Scaffolding for the Media Industry

Get your jib arm hoists in Sutton Leach from the specialists in scaffolding for the media industry. C and E Structures understand the special needs of erecting scaffolding and providing jib arm hoists in Sutton Leach for sporting stadia, outdoor broadcasts and location filming. Take advantage of our expertise when you are organising an event and be confident of the safety and stability of your temporary structures. Call us today for advice and a quote.